Friday, June 10, 2011

Mortal and Mona

This piece started out as an assignment for my Illustration I class (Fall 2010).  The assignment was to come up with an idea for an animation and create illustrations and character designs for the idea.  The ideas and pieces were pitched to the class as well as esteemed guests from Big Huge Games!

My story follows the life of a boy named Mortal and a girl named Mona.  Mortal and Mona grew up with each other and are the closest of friends.  They are inseparable until the day Mona dies an unexpected death.  Mortal performs a ritual to bring Mona back to life.  He succeeds, only Mona arises in an eerie ghostly form and she is mute.  Mortal and Mona are then hunted by these strange unknown creatures.  The creatures finally catch up to them, and Mortal realizes the seriousness of what he's done...

Want to find out what happens?  Well stay tuned for my senior year, because this baby is gonna be my thesis animation!

Medium:  Micron pen, graphite, color pencils and Photoshop